Ok. I was slacking. I haven’t been on a date in awhile until this past weekend! I went on three!! So here’s my update! (Ekk Im excited!!)

Date #1!——lets name him Houston

So I met “Houston” at the club. I saw him before the club even got packed and kept looking at him then later on in the night, he came over to dance with me. I was TOO hype! The hugest smile on my face lol.. So for the rest of the night, I was with him. We danced all night. He’s friend linked up with my friend and we decided to go to IHOP after the club. It was like 4am. IHOP was packed so we left and decided to go to lunch the next day. So fast forward to the next day. Around 3, we decided to go to Outback. We talked and he told me how he was from Houston and he was discharged from the marines because he got into some trouble, he’s Filipino and Salvadorian. He was only here for one more week because he was just here to visit his cousin. After Outback, we decided to go bowling but I had to change out of my dress so we went to my house to change and ended up staying in there and watched a movie. He didn’t try anything with me or even say a slick comment (a plus). He asked me what I liked about him and how many kids I wanted and he asked why was I so comfortable with him. Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays to meet up with our friends and his friend is just talking and he says things to make me believe Houston lived here!! He wasn’t trying to, he was having regular convo but I guess him and Houston didn’t cooridinate their lies. So when we were leaving, I asked him if he lived here and was really in the marines. he said, “something like that”. I was so hurt/frustrated that I was like Im ready to go and left. Mine and his friend continued to kiss ouside. Ew. I think he was ugly but whatever. So! The next day, I texted im saying,” So what was the point of lying?” he said, “I’ll tell you later”….like wtf??? & I haven’t heard from him since.


Date #2!—-we’ll call him Thirty

Just like you guessed. He’s 30 years old. I LOVE older men. We met for lunch where we work and we just had good conversation about things he likes to do and what kind of work he does, siblings, etc. regular get-to-know-you conversation. He has this cute little smile where the left side is like a smirk. It’s so cute. He’s white (not that that matters), not married, no kids. He loves to travel and loves sports. He’s really cool. I’m actually sitting here waitin for him to pick me up now for a dinner date! :) I’ll let yall know how that goes!

Date #3!—We’re calling him Rico

I met him online and to make these long stories short, he’s 23, has a 4 year old daughter, from Puerto Rico, in the marine, and my height. I am not crazy about that part because he told me I cant wear heels around him. NO man will tell me I cant wear heels lol. But me and him got along with each other like we already know each other. it was cool. he took me to California Pizza Kitchen and talked and joked, etc then we walked a  around this huge mall. I was SUPER flirty with him. Laughing super hard and touching him at the same time,saying things so I can hold onto his arm, tellin him he smells good, etc. When we were sitting down and he told me he likes me! Ive never had a guy tell me that on a first date. It was cool tho because I like him too! :)


Shoot With Miss Alex Isabella

I wanna do a photoshoot like this

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Do you see what’s going on?

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Low key the sexiest accessory a woman can wear.

Got a pair I’ve been saving for the right moment

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Interracial couples in ads :)


Interracial couples in ads :)


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Tag this beauty#teamnatural #naturalhair #natural #naturalhairdoescare #trialsntresses #beauty #hair #girls #kinkycurly #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairrocks #naturalladies #naturallydope #haircrush #naturalhairdaily #naturalbeauty #hotd #naturalista


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@ceesam 👌👌👌#teamnatural #naturalhair #natural #naturalhairdoescare #trialsntresses #beauty #hair #girls #kinkycurly #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairrocks #naturalladies #naturallydope #haircrush #naturalhairdaily #naturalbeauty #hotd #naturalista


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google street view is the best, example:


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Black sitcom ensembles from the 90s: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, A Different World, Sister, Sister, Living Single, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, The Steve Harvey Show, Martin, Smart Guy, The Jamie Foxx Show, Moesha, The Parent ‘Hood, In The House

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Why don’t you like Katy Perry?

This is why.

She’s a racist piece of trash

Wait a white girl getting corn rows is racist now? 

Also since when are cultures OWNED? Isn’t that in itself racist? Furthermore the ancient egyptian culture has been dead for nearly 3000 years, who cares. Second she’s not ripping these cultures to shreds by making fun of them, she’s embracing them, so who cares. Honestly, just because she has a fascination with other cultures and wants to use them visually doesn’t make her a racist. If she started singing “ching ching chong” while in a kimono THEN would it be racist.

Y’all need to check yourselves. 

The FUCK you know White bwoy? ಠ╭╮ಠ

You don’t know shit about racism, what it is, and how Black people are SYSTEMICALLY DISENFRANCHISED FOR THEIR HAIR.

Egyptians are alive and well you mierda. You don’t even know the difference between embracing and fucking appropriating. The people of the groups she’s supposedly “embracing” are like FUCK YOU NO YOU SUCK and you STILL dare to cough up your bullshit making excuses. 

Read a fucking book and get ya ass off my post, fool.

Yea…I feel like this is super racist!

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Fashion is the only thing that makes me happy